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Action Plan

We members of the Asian Church Women’s Conference and the Bridgebuilders International attending the consultation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan May 29th to May 31st resolve to continue to promote the “Dignity and Integrity of All God’s Creation.”

1. By working to inform our churches and communities about the huge amount of people trafficking especially of women and children taking place in the world today.

2. By challenging attitude and behaviors which deny females the same opportunities, privileges and respect as are given to males.

3. By taking measures to prevent trafficking of women and children during the Olympics or any other international gatherings.

4. By networking with other groups to gain support for anti-trafficking activities.

5. By encouraging each member group of ACWC and Bridgebuilders to organize at least one anti-trafficking workshop or seminar in their local area.

6. By providing educational material to help bridge the gaps between the generations.

7. By initiating educational programmes for young men and women on building better gender relations.

8. By promoting the publishing and distribution of women’s stories and information about women’s church organizations.

9. By initiating programmes which are relevant to the age and situations faced by the younger generation.


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