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The Meeting of Asian Women's Summit

The meeting of Asian Women's Summit was held on 10 March 2008. It was an interfaith meeting in collabora-tion with World Conference of Religions for Peace (New York) and Buddhist organization in Bangkok. The ACWC President, Nareeboon was invited to attend it.

CWUP Welcome the IFCLF Chairperson

The ICFLC Chairperson, Mrs. Jill King visited the Philippines ( 26 Feb. to 04 Mar. 2008 ). Jill came on behalf of the ICFLC to witness the blessing of the new ICFLC Executive Secretary's ( Ms. Cora) office in Union theological Seminary in Cavite.
During Jill's visitation, the ACWC national body in the Philippines--CWUP, had a chance to show her Estrella's house in Tagaytay (Estrella was the ACWC 1998-2002 and 2002-2006 Filipino Nat'l Rep.) They had dinner with her later in a nice restaurant in the Cavite area. The next day, they had a full day with two celebrations: the FLC service in the morning and WDP in the afternoon. Cora Reyes wanted Jill to witness how we celebrated the two events. Of course, World Day of Prayer was more extensively celebrated all over the Philippines during the first Friday of March.

The Different Due Days of the ACWC Programs and Projects

1. For the application of the ACWC Scholarship/ACWC Assistance Fund will be 30 April 2008.
2. For the application of the FLC Grant Fund will be 30 May 2008.
3. For the 2008 meeting in Taiwan:
-Return the registration form by Email: or Fax: 886-2-2362-8096 no later than 29 Feb 2008.
-Please inform Ms. Faith Chen: and the Se-cretariat Office of the ACWC about your schedule of Arrival/Departure in Taiwan by 30 April 2008. Airport pickup will be arranged.
-Send the Travel Expense Applica-tion Form for 2008 ACWC Ex. Co./ Gen. Co. meeting to the ACWC Treasurer by 30 April 2008. The form was already sent to you with this mail.
-Kindly send to the Office by 15 April 2008 your country report or any materials that need to be com-piled in the handbook; otherwise bring your own photocopies (30) for distribution. Please include the interaction with your prayer partner in your report.

The Continuing Support from the GBGM

The ACWC appreciates it that the GBGM continually supports the ACWC programs in 2008. It is indicated for the expense, projects and programs for Cambodia. The report of 2007 to the GBGM is done. I have listed the expense for Cambodia and the items (scholarship, projects fund) we sup-ported in Cambodia in 2007 in the report with photos.

Mongolian Women's Gathering stating from Bible Study

Since the ACWC-Mongolia was formed in 2007, the members have regular meeting. For example, the boarding members are meeting every Monday for Bible study and prayer which brings many issues and chal-lenges us to move forward. Now they are reading the book of ¡§Daniel¡¨. They always remember their prayer partner-Japan at their prayers.

Having the Nice Time with the ACWC Good Friends

Since the ACWC Secretariat Office was set at the PCT Office, we always receive a lot of support from different ways from the PCT, local churches and the missionaries in Taiwan. For ex-ample, Dr. Edward Senner (served in Taiwan for 25 years and retired in 1998 and went back to U.S.A.) and Mr. John E. Geddes (Served in Taiwan for 45 years and retired in 2003 and went back to Canada), and Ms. Carys Humphreys (from Wales, has served in Taiwan almost 25 years) always share their ecumenical experience with the ACWC Ex. Sec. and encourage her to open the vision in mission. In the 6 years, Mr. Geddes is the volun-teer to help Shu-Wen to improve the ACWC official letters and articles. In January 2008, Dr. Senner and Mrs. Janie Senner came back to Taiwan to help the PCT for half year. In March, Mr. John E. Geddes and Mrs. Betty Geddes came back to Taiwan for one-month visitation. On 6 March, it was the privilege of the ACWC to treat them the lunch to present our appreciation to them.


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