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On 2-3 May 2008, Cyclone Nargis struck the southwestern corner of Myanmar--the Irrawaddy delta region and Yongon.

In the beginning, the ACWC Office sent our messages of concern to the ACWC Myanmar National Representative, Ms. Zo Hming. Later we received her updates. Still later, the ACWC former Nat’I Rep., Moo Paw and the ICFLC former Ex. Sec., Dr. Esther Byu also sent their updates to us.

From our Myanmar members’ updates and the News we can understand that damage of disasters are over our imagination. So far 78,000 are dead, 56,000 are missing, and there have been over a million people affected, (Rangoon). The U.N. estimates that 2.4 million people were affected by Cyclone Nargis and has warned that more than 1 million people still need help.
When the ACWC held the 2008 Ex./Gen. Co. meeting in May and June in Taiwan, the ACWC and the ICFLC had the opportunity to release our emergency fund to Myanmar. The money was useful to Myanmar. When Zo Hming went back to her country, she promptly sent updates to me. They focused on taking care of pregnant and post natal women patients in the affected areas. To determine future plans in Myanmar, on 05 July the ACWC Executive Secretary will join the CCA meeting- in Bangkok - the special meeting for CCA member churches and councils from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. According to the relationship between the CCA and the ACWC, we have cooperated with each other in the areas of mission for women and children. After the meeting in Bangkok, the ACWC Ex. Sec. will visit Myanmar (06-10 July) to discuss more details about the future programs in the affected areas. After the visitation, more details will be sent out to the ACWC members.


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