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*. 2008 Accepted scholars:
1. Sukti Peya Das, Bangladesh, for 4 year term
2. Yogarajan Susila, Sri Lanka, for 2 year term
*. 2008 ACWC Assistance Fund
1. Humanitarian assistance to the Sidr affected poor women, Bangladesh, submitted by Gloria Kalpona Sarker. $1,000 USD
2. Kindergarten Class, Cambodia, submitted by Saravy Prak. $3,252 USD
*. The Relationship between the ACWC and Nepal
ACWC is not severing its contact with the Bible Society in Nepal, just the previous representative. It is believed that the association with NCCN will be aligned more to ACWC’s requirements of a national body representing the Christian women of Nepal.
To support the restoration of Nepal with ACWC and welcome the NCCN as the association body between Nepal and ACWC.
*. The Preparation of the 14th ACWC Assembly:
1. Travel costs—2 delegates to be paid in full, 3rd and 4th delegates to be paid half costs
2. Limit total number of participants to 200
3. Date: Arrive 7 October, Depart 12 October. Establish a preliminary timetable for General Committee
4. Venue: Indonesia
*. ACWC Treasurer’s matters
Continue to hold the ACWC account in Japan. Thanks expressed for Japanese sisters and their cooperation in operating this account.
Shu-Wen suggested the Executive Committee invite Pauline to be the treasurer. This suggestion was presented to the General Committee.
*. To consider reviewing the amount held in the Endowment Fund from the Signature Collection for the purpose of releasing more funds for projects and scholarships.
To increase the amount of the Emergency Relief Fund to $500 USD where possible and increase the budget amount to $2,000 USD, to be reviewed annually, and release of the funds is subject to approval by the ACWC Executive Committee officers.
*. Promoting the ACWC-Mongolia: The ACWC and FLC Seminar-workshop in 2009. (The World Day Prayer is invited)
President Nareeboon selected to accompany Executive Secretaries of ACWC and ICFLC.
*. Cooperation with the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) for WEAVE in East Timor after 2009.
To defer follow up of WEAVE Project in East Timor until further consultation has been made with Deaconess Dominica and the CCA, and defer decision to the 2009 ACWC Executive Committee meeting.
Shu-Wen explained a two part consideration for ACWC officers to visit East Timor.
i) Does East Timor still need an ecumenical accompanier?
ii) Are they ready to join ecumenical organisations? Are they independent enough to do this?
*. The ACWC History Book
It will be presented in 2010. There are many missing documents which the former Ex. Sec. (1994-2002) didn’t convey to the current Ex. Sec. The current national representatives will be asked to assist with supplying material for the history book. The budget figure of editing/printing History book is $1,000 USD.
The minutes of archive will be kept by scanned.
*. Clarification and discussion of travel reimbursements for all future meetings.
Reimbursement of travel expenses will be paid for: 1) Economy air fare from and to country represented. 2) Taxes. 3) Visa fee. 4) Any necessary overnight accommodation in conjunction with a connecting flight, but receipts for this additional cost must be presented.
If a member country has financial problems then assistance can be discussed.
Travel insurance is a personal expense and will not be reimbursed by ACWC. ‘ACWC and its officers will take due care to ensure the safety of participants during this meeting. ACWC and its officers shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, damage, loss or delay howsoever caused to the participants and/or their belongings whilst in transit and during the length of this meeting.’
If local travel expenses and travel insurance can be borne by the national body it would be appreciated.
*. Set up a team to amend the ACWC Constitution at the General Committee
Normally, but not always, every 8 years the ACWC Constitution is studied by a team and any proposed changes are presented at the General Assembly. The team will investigate any changes during the General Committee meeting and report findings to the General Committee.
ACWC is a higher body than the national bodies and the national body should endorse their national representative to conform with the ACWC Constitution.
Team composition—4 to 5 members and beneficial to have one member who is a lawyer.
Suggested members:
• Ester Dalisay—Philippines
• Kyoko Burger—Japan
• Donna Bryan—Australia (to lead meeting)
• Gloria Kalpona Sarker—Bangladesh


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