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My dear ACWC Gen. Co. members:
Since the end of August, the Office has received prayer requests from Jyotsna (the ACWC 2002-2006 National Representative in India) ; from Shanthi (the current ACWC Gen. CO. member), and from Awala, (the ACWC 2002-2006 National Representative in India).
"Churches and Christians have been attacked again in Orissa, India.[Please see the NCCI Web site
http//:www.nccindia] in the sequence of events. Please pray for the Christians who have fled into the forest or jungle for fear of the attacks; they are without food or water. We are worried about their safety and security. The NCCI and all the Churches in India are appealing to the concerned authorities that the Christian community and their property be protected.
The National Council of Churches in India {NCCI} is also appealing to all the Churches and Christians in India to observe September 6th 2008 as a day of prayer for the people in Orissa, and also for the comfort of the threatened and injured people. Some departed people have been burned alive in the attacks.
We appeal to you to join us in solidarity with the victims.
Please send your support to our sisters and brothers in India. Please list their plight in your prayers.
With prayer and love.


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