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My dear ACWC members and friends:
The ACWC Secretariat Office sends warm greetings to you for Christmas and New Year's from Taiwan. The ACWC October-December 2008 Newsletter will be sent out to you on 26 December 2008.
Some of you have already shared your bountiful life in this year with us by different ways at the end of 2008. From the updates, we can read the messages about how the members celebrated the ACWC Day. The ACWC has presented the 50 ACWC Anniversary Celebration and Seminar to all of you this year. It is a kind of blessing to us that we can celebrate the FLC Jubilee in 2006 and the ACWC Anniversary in 2008.The ACWC Scholars sent their greetings to us. From the letters of thanks from those scholars, we can see the young women have been educated well through the support of the ACWC.
When we look back on this year, we remember how Nepal has become more democratic than before and the Christians there can open the doors of churches to join the communities' activities. We are happy to announce that the ACWC-Nepal has been formed. We still have a lot of worries and concerns about the world--the terrible attack which happened in November 2008 in Mumbai, India/ the political crisis in Thailand/ the Hindu attacks on the Christians in Orissa, India. Our life and the lives of the world was woven together in the lines of sorrow and joy. When we enjoy the happy times, we praise our Lord for His blessings. When we face the plight of hard times, don’t forget that we still have the promises of hope from our Lord.

May God Bless us and lead us to face a new year.

Your sister in Christ,

Shu-Wen Chiang,
ACWC, Ex. Sec.


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