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My dear ACWC members:
This morning I received the mail from our ACWC Australian National Representative, Capt. Donna Bryan about brushfire in Australia:

“Dear Shu-Wen,
I am writing to let you know of the tragedy that has unfolded in Australia in recent days.
Over the last 3 days southeast Australia has endured devastating bushfires. The State of Victoria has experienced the greatest natural disaster in Australia's history with the worst loss of life since records began. To date, more than 120 people have perished and property losses are huge, as well as many people being injured and suffering life-threatening burns.
Ferocious fires began to roar across the Victorian bush on Saturday during record temperatures for Victoria. The temperature rose above 46ºC (115ºF) in many parts of Victoria and the bush seemed to explode as the smallest flames were whipped into a giant inferno by very strong and very hot winds that were blowing across the state.
Small town after small town was engulfed in flames with little or no warning and there were few means of escape. For Victoria’s small population of nearly 5 million, it has been a horrific time and in spite of cooler temperatures today there are still many fires burning out of control across the state.
New South Wales and South Australia have also been struggling with huge bushfires and extreme temperatures, but fortunately they have not sustained the high loss of life suffered in Victoria.
'On Christ the solid rock we stand.'


I also received the update from our Gen. Co. member— Ms. Pat Walker who also came from Australia, she said:

“Dear Shu-Wen,
Here in Australia we woke to find out that Victoria is fighting eleven bushfires. Victoria is the state where Donna lives. In the north of Australia the states have had record floods and in the south we have had record heat with water restrictions. Although South Australia is also fighting bushfires at this time, Victoria has the worst problem. Usually our fires rage through bushland but these have destroyed many houses with loss of life expected to reach 40. Volunteer fire fighters have been travelling from all states to Victoria to help out and planes are being used to drop water from the skies. At times like these our volunteer emergency services work together but it is a very dangerous and difficult job fighting fires in 40 degrees C heat. We will all be praying today. As it happens this is the first day in two weeks that the temperature has fallen and the sky is overcast. I believe it is also a bit cooler in Vctoria.
(later, Pat sent another update to me
Further to my email yesterday re the bushfires in Australia. There have been about 500 fire crews from around the country fighting about 30 fires in Victoria overnight. So far 108 people have been killed and many more injured. 750 homes have been destroyed and three schools. Two people have been arrested for lighting fires. This is one of Australia's worst natural disasters. There are more fires in New South Wales but not as many as Victoria. The country is predominantly forest withy many trees in and around the country towns. People have been burnt in their own homes trying to protect them and in cars trying to get away.
The TV is covering the fire fighting efforts with updates on the situation as it changes. Today is cooler and light rain has fallen in some places but not enough. Please pray.
Pat Walker.”

My dear sisters, when I read the mail which Donna named is “Australia's heartbreak”, I also have a heavy heart. Please list the urgent request for prayer in your prayers. I really touch by Donna’s last word in her mail--On Christ the solid rock we stand.—Yes, the people should protect under our Lord.

Shu-Wen Chiang
Executive Secretary, ACWC


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