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* Mrs. Shanti Solomon (India) Mother, Founder and the First Executive Secretary of the ACWC and the FLC, 1956-1982
* Dr. Margaret Shannon, (PW, CWUUSA) Pioneer and Founding member of the FLC Miss Dorothy Wagner (PW, CWUUSA) Midwife to the FLC and promoter of FLC
* Mrs. Rayann Ma (Hong Kong), Chairperson of the 1st ACWC Meeting 1958
* Mrs. Jael Cruz (Philippines), Chairperson of the ACWC 1958-1962
* Mrs. Juan Suriyakham (Thailand ), President of the ACWC 1962-1966
Mrs. Rathie SElvaratnam (Sri Lanka), President of the ACWC 1966-1970
Ms. Esther Bautista (Philippines), President of the ACWC 1970-1974
Ms. Agnes Loyall (India), President of the ACWC 1974-1978
Mrs. Gloria Santos (Philippines), President of the ACWC 1978-1982
Mrs. Boonmee Julkiree (Thailand), President of the ACWC/
Chairperson of ICFLC 1982-1986
Mrs. Maya Michael (India), President of the ACWC/
Chairperson of ICFLC 1986-1990
Ms. Monika Mannon (Bangladesh), President of the ACWC/
Chairperson of ICFLC 1990-1994
Mrs. Woranut Pantupong (Thailand), President of the ACWC 1994-1998
Mrs. Nancy Lin (Taiwan), President of the ACWC 1998-2002/ Chairperson of ICFLC 1999-2002
Ms. Annamaney Arumanayagam (Malaysia), President of the ACWC 2002-2006
Ms. Nareeboon Rachkeeree (Thailand), President of the ACWC 2006-President
Ms. Shanti Soloman (India), Executive Secretary, ACWC 1970-1981
Ms. Eunic Kim (Korea), Executive Secretary, ACWC 1982-1994
Rev. IIuminada A. Domingo (Philippines), Executive Secretary, ACWC 1994-2002
Ms. Chiang, Shu-Wen (Taiwan), Executive Secretary, ACWC 2002-Present


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