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President—Nareeboon Rachkeeree (Thailand)
Vice President/Honorary Treasurer—Pauline Yates (Aoteraoa-New Zealand)
Assembly Secretary—Captain Donna Bryan (Australia)
Executive Member—Gloria Kalpona Sarker (Bangladesh)
Executive Member—Revd Ni-Ling Lin (Taiwan)
Ex-officio Member —Shu-Wen Chiang (Executive Secretary ACWC)
Ex-officio Member— Corazon (Cora) Tabing-Reyes (Executive Secretary ICFLC)

Executive Member—Revd Rosmalia Barus (Indonesia)

Proposal for fundraising
1. Send the request to other ecumenical organizations for more support. But the priority is that our ACWC member countries should support our own needs.
2. From 2009, the ACWC raises affiliation fee from $100 USD to $150 USD or greater.
3. Encourage some member countries to fund their delegates’ airfares and any local travel expenses incurred within the country that the delegates represent.
4. Encourage the member countries to ‘adopt’ the projects and scholarships.

Amending the Constitution at the 14th Assembly continued
Details for discussion will be sent out to the members by the end of October 2009. The finalization will be decided at the 14th ACWC Assembly, 2010.

The process of new Ex. Sec. 2011-2014
1. The search committee is comprised of the President, Vice President and Assembly Secretary.
2. Search Committee will follow ACWC By-Laws in writing up the job application. (Any changes to ACWC By-Laws brought about by updating job description to be presented at General Assembly e.g. website updating.)
3. Applicants require endorsement of their national ecumenical body and their church.
4. The form and advertisement was announced by the ACWC Secretariat Office on 16 June 2009.

Cooperation with the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) for WEAVE in East Timor after 2009
The WEAVE in East Timor is on hold until the situation in East Timor is stable.

The process of editing the ACWC History Book
Ex. Co. members to ask for photos of Assemblies and past officers, especially before 1998.

A form for the scholars’ reports
The final version of the form was sent out to the Gen. Co. members on 26 May after the Ex. Co. meeting.

Young Women’s Committee
Revised ‘Proposal for Setting up Young Women’s Committee in the Asian Church Women’s Conference’.
The young women will be included in the ‘reflections on ACWC’section of the history book. The ACWC Secretariat Office will add time for reflection to the Assembly timetable. The process of setting up the YWC will also be recorded in the ACWC History Book.

Future themes/member countries for the ACWC Day
Add the ongoing projects and scholarships to the ACWC Day liturgy.

2012 ACWC Day
Agreed that Singapore prepare the liturgy for 2012.
The future themes and countries responsible for preparing the liturgy will be announced by the end of August 2009. (It already was announced in 2009.)

The preparation of the 14th ACWC Assembly
1. ACWC officers will meet in Indonesia with the local hosts in January 2010.
2. Participants: 200. Up to 4 delegates and up to 7 observers from each country. That is, a maximum of 11 participants from each member country. Any additional local people attending will not receive Assembly materials e.g. handbook.
3. Guidelines, rough schedule, forms for the Assembly. Forms will be sent out to the Gen. Co. members by the end of October 2009.
4. Small group leaders at the Assembly.
Proposed leaders:
1) Natural Disasters in Asia, Devika Ukwatte (Sri Lanka) and Zohming Thang (Myanmar)
2) Ecology and Women, Shakuntala Abraham (Malaysia) and Oranat Katue (Thailand)
3) Family Violence and Gender Relations, Gloria Kalpona Sarker (Bangladesh) and Rev. Mei-Li Huang (Taiwan)
4) Youth and Empowerment, Shanti Mathai (India) and Thain Molly Lazarus (Singapore)
5) Human Trafficking, Kyoko Burger (Japan) and Jyotsna Rani Patro (India)
Guidelines will be supplied for group leaders and will be sent out to the leaders by the end of August 2010.
5. ACWC Souvenirs
· Pin
· Fan/voting card
· Pen

Future Prayer Partner 2010-2014 will be announced at the 14th ACWC Assembly.

Hong Kong membership
The HKWCC suggested the ACWC change the National Body from the HKWCC to the HKCC. The ACWC Secretariat Office will contact Hong Kong about the General Assembly and ask if they want to attend and observe.

Scholar accepted for 2009
Ani Mondal, Bangladesh, for 4 year term
Others (four) subject to meeting application requirements.
Executive Committee members agreed that the National Representatives need to send an official letter to ACWC stating the amount received each year for each scholar.
There are now 11 (eleven) scholars including the current scholars. In the future reports to the General Assembly highlight the number of scholars supported by other bodies. Emphasise that more funds need to be raised to support scholars.

Projects accepted for 2009
Bangladesh—Safe drinking water for hill tract people
Cambodia—Health education training
Nepal—Trauma awareness training
Sri Lanka—Humanitarian services to the internally displaced persons of the north and east due to the civil war—is accepted as the emergency fund.
Noted that projects need follow up and a report to be submitted from the National Representative re: projects. Report must include expenses.

ACWC Accounts
ACWC monies need to be kept in safe accounts. The risks for ACWC monies was demonstrated recently because of the global economic crisis. Question asked: Does the Executive Committee have the authority to move the funds to another bank?
Treasurer asked if she could prepare a proposal re: the budget and present it at the General Assembly to keep members informed.


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