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My dear ACWC Gen. Co. members:

Greetings from the ACWC Secretariat Office.
ACWC July-September 2009 Newsletter is ready which will be sent out to all of next Thursday.

To the people, English is not their first language so it is difficult to identify the difference of various prepositions and how to use them properly. For example, sometimes I am confused about “between” and “among”. When I mentioned the member countries, my proofreader always suggests that I use “between”.

I like the term of “between”--God is our bridge to link us together; sometimes I or other members are our channel to link the ACWC as a big family, so we can share and support each other in different situations. From the column of “Our Concerns”, the Christians’ situation in Pakistan is worse who are attacked by others. For Taiwan, the unexpected disasters, which were caused by Morakot Typhoon on 08 August were strongly and deeply struck eastern and southern Taiwan. Our sisters' and brothers’ sufferings were already confirmed by your prayers and support.

From the session of “Mission, Program and Project” you can read many reports about the ACWC’s work during these months. In Cambodia, we strengthen the structure of the Women-Desk of the KCC to promote the programs for women, youth and children. In Mongolia, the ACWC, the ICFLC and the ACWC-Japan worked together to accompany our Mongolian members to develop the ACWC and promote the FLC prayer movement in Mongolia. In East Timor, the ACWC was invited by the CCA to evaluate the gender issue in this new country. The National Federation of Kyodan Women’s Societies (NFKWS ) shared their celebration of their 40th Anniversary National Assembly in Japan with us.

Here is another reminder: it is time for ACWC Day. Basically, the ACWC Day is on the third Sunday of November, but member countries could modify the date to fit the different situations in your country. The Liturgy for 2009 is presented in the Newsletter. Please say thank you to our Australian sisters for their hard work to design it.

May our Lord lead us to be a sisterhood and be tied together for missions.

Shu-Wen Chiang


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