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The ACWC Secretariat Office received a letter of thanks from Columba C. Eclipse, the ACWC Philippines national representative as follows:

September 26 was very memorable date not only for me but most the Filipino people in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. Rain poured early morning of Saturday and I was busy preparing for our breakfast, baon for lunch then by nine o’clock proceeded to our office in Lemon Square bldg along EDSA. At around ten o’clock the maid of my youngest daughter called up that water is getting inside our houses. She immediately went home only no more buses or jeepneys at that time because almost all the streets going to our place were all under water. She walked to almost waist level of water. After lunch our commercial building was already flooded up to the 1st floor. Luckily we are on the 2nd floor. Lights went off and I could no longer go home because water is already above waist level. News says that, Marikina, Cainta, Malabon, Laguna and other nearby cities and municipalities are all merged under water. People clamoring for help because plenty are up the roof of their houses waiting for helicopter to pick them up. Some were transferred to evacuation centers, mostly in schools.
The following Monday, Ms. Prima Formileza from Novaliches Quezon City texted me asking for help but since I was busy cleaning and drying the wet materials in our house, I didn’t immediately answer her. It was only when Ms. Shu-Wen called me up in my cellphone asking how we are doing. That was the only time I realized that I have a duty as President of the CWUP to help and monitor our members and friends.
Pepeng followed a week after and made the situation worst. Northern, Central Luzon were stricken and were all under water for a week. At this time, I wrote Cora T. Reyes, the secretary of the Fellowship of the Least Coin to please reconsider giving us financial help to assist fellow members.
This must be a wake up call to all of us Filipinos to conserve our environment and to dispose properly our waste. A time to reconsider whether we will allow our people to construct their houses in the riverbanks, esteros and even under the bridges.
Then came 2 more typhoons that hit North Luzon again. With all of these tragedies, we from the Church Women United of the Philippines thru the help of Asia Church Women Conference and the Fellowship of the Least Coin are thankful to God for He is still so kind. We thank all those member of ACWC who have sent their letter of concerns and prayers.With all the help from everywhere and through relentless efforts to extend to our countrymen who are in need, the Philippines can battle these unlikely events and can get up as one nation by God’s grace.


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