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Circle of Prayer is a meditation booklet published every two years by the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) to “reaffirm prayer as the vital element of the FLC.” It was started in 1962 as a meditation guide by the women of Hong Kong for use as prayer is offered and the least coin is set aside. Since then Circle of Prayer has been an important part of FLC focused on different themes approved by the ICFLC.

The Circle of Prayer Vol. XX’s suggested theme is drawn from the theme of the 29th ICFLC Annual Meeting held at Nairobi on October 17-25, 2009, which was “Jesus Amongst Us: pray and act for change.” Jesus with us empowers us and enables us to pray and act for justice, peace and reconciliation.

a. Suggested theme of the Circle of Prayer Vol. XX is: “Pray and Act for Change”

b. Introduction to the theme to be written by Rev. Dr. ‘Asinate Samate

c. Suggested Texts:
O.T. 1 Samuel 25:4-44 & Numbers 27: 1-7
N.T. John 20: 1-23 & John 4: 7-26

d. Suggested Guidelines:
1. The typewritten meditation is around 300-400 words.
2. Deadline for sending the meditation to ICFLC office> is May 30, 2010.
3. Please send by email a scanned copy of the writer’s ID picture, 2-3 sentences about the writer, her email and postal addresses along with the article.
4. That the meditation material shares women’s story/experience, biblical reflection and prayer from the respective country/region.
5. Each ICFLC member may facilitate at least 2-4 contributions coming from different countries of her region.
6. Suggested Format:
Biblical Text

PS: Elisabeth Delmonte of Uruguay wrote saying, “As I listen to the universal concerns about the climate change, I would suggest that the prayers and meditations should center on our environmental responsibility.”


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