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The Kampuchea Christian Council (KCC) Women Desk celebrated the 53rd Anniversary of ACWC Day with the theme “Re-Uniting of Women”. This celebration was held on November 21, 2009 at Pour Dos Church, Kampot Province with 50 women coming from different churches in Kampot Province.

Ms. Nou Kimsan, the second vice president of KCC, shared in the Bible scripture reading from Ephesians 4:3-7 to remind the women of unity. She added that we have to make peace in our family first and after that with other people but not allowing division because God wants us to preserve unity.

Ms. Prak Saravy, Women Secretary, addressed the participants about the history of ACWC and some other program which has been important to 19 member countries including Cambodia as one of the members, so we have received benefit from ACWC in the following ways:

1.Scholarships for three students (supported by ACWC)
2.Vocational Training (weaving and sewing supported by ACWC)
3.Literacy (supported by FLC)
4.Kindergarten (supported by PCT)
5.Administration (supported by ACWC & PCT)
6.Health Education which will be held every third week in 2010 (supported by ACWC)

Ms. Arun Reksmey, Acting General Secretary, explained that the meaning of re-unity is like the whole world which there is unity of countries within the five continents as Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia. In Asia, there are many countries which include Cambodia. So women in Asia come together and are united in one women’s conference called ACWC. ACWC was established for communication and sharing about problems in their own countries and also to join in prayer for each country and especially respond to the program development projects which relate to improvement of living standard which some of you here also received support. Therefore, we came from different churches and different places, we need to preserve the unity among the churches by praying for one another, and have patience and forbearance with each other with love, not division.

During the entire day of the meetings, the participants were very excited to receive these reports, and they suggested having more activities from KCCWD to assist in developing members in their churches.

Thank you very much for the many projects that ACWC supports for us. May God bless you all and be successful in your mission.

Phnom Penh January 16, 2010

by Prak Saravy/Van Arun Rasmey, Cambodia


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