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For preparing the 14th ACWC Assembly in October 2010 in Indonesia, there were two preparatory meetings:
1) 10-13 December 2009, only the ACWC Executive Secretary flight to Indonesia.
2) 02-04 February 2010, meeting of the Executive Secretary and three ACWC Officers.

  • It is the first time to meet the New CCI General Secretary, Revd. Gomar Gultom, (Since 20 December 2009) on 11 Dec. 2009. Gulton fully supports the Indonesian Church Women to host the ACWC Assembly; encourages the women to increase funding for the support of ACWC; appoint a staff member of the CCI Office as the contact person between the ACWC and the CCI Women.

  • After first visiting the venue, Mrs.Delima hosted us a deliciously traditional Indonesian meal.

    Mrs. Delima, the second from right.
  • The ACWC Officers met the CCI President: Revd. Dr. A. P. Yewangoe, the GAS: Revd. Gomar Gultom and the Vice-GAS: Rev. Lies Makisanti.

  • After the meeting, the CCI Women hosted us a great meal. We also appreciated the Mrs. Yangti. According to her schedule, she couldn’t attend the two meeting, but she still aided the meeting.

  • During the meeting, the ACWC President, Nareeboon celebrated her 20th Anniversary alone in Jakarta.

  • Donna and Shu-Wen met in Jakarta for preparing the ACWC 50th Anniversary History Book. Before the second preparation meeting in Jakarta, Donna and Shu-Wen had a 3-day meeting (29-31 Jan. 2010) for discussing the ACWC 50th Anniversary History Book.

  • The ACWC Officers interviewed the candidates for the New ACWC Secretary position (2011-2014) in Jakarta on 01-02 Feb. 2010.


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