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My dear ACWC Gen. Co. members:
Some of you already received the current ACWC Newsletter (January –March 2010). I hope that you could enjoy this issue.
The ACWC Secretariat Office would like to invite you to contribute your ideas for the coming Newsletter (April-June 2010). The topic is for the Mother’s Day.
My Wish before and after being a mother.
The favor could be something or habits. We know that most women’s life styles are different before and after marriage, especially having children. So let us create a special issue for our Newsletter. Please share the change of your favor before and after marriage/ having children. Some of us are single or have no child. You are welcome to share the stories about your mother, grandmothers or sisters’ stories with us.
The deadline will be 20 May. If you could send some photos to me with your articles, it will be perfect.
Thank you very much for your cooperation.


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