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Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

2009 was an extremely busy and challenging and blessed year for us. We should like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for your continuing prayers and support. We anticipate continued partnership during the coming days.

● Able to achieve the objective according to our annual plan.
● Successfully accomplished the different training programmes.
● Girls able to get job and start their new life.
● Able to support and give counseling at the Young Women’s Center
● Election of new board of directors.
● God’s protection to staff and other members during travel inside and outside the country.
● Continued volunteer service from members and friends.
● Continued literacy classes.
● Young Women Crisis Center able to provide the necessary counseling and other services according to the individual needs.

● Wisdom and guidance to the staff to carry on day to day activities.
● The girls who have started their life in community after their difficult time.
● The girls who are staying in the Young Women Crisis Center for their career and work and recovery from the illness.
● Women’s and girls who are attending literacy class.
● Successfully district level training.
● Needed resources for the center and ongoing program.
● Full religion freedom in new constitution.
● Political stabilities in the country.
● Board, advisors and all members of NMBS (YWCA of Nepal)


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