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There were two activities held by ACWC-Mongolia in January and March, 2010. At the Board Meeting in January 2010, the following six subcommittees were established:

1. Adolescent and Youth Development
2. Women Empowerment and Gender
3. Public Health
4. Business Development
5. Law and Governance
6. Christian Commitment and Christian Leadership

Within this subcommittees activity the first seminar of 2010 was held on 30 January, 2010. The seminar addressed gender and gender based violence issues in Mongolia. There were 30 participants from five churches. The seminar had two sessions. In the first session we had a guest speaker, Mrs. Altantsooj, who is a gender researcher and a graduate from Columbia University. She shared issues regarding gender and gender based violence in Mongolia. In the second session, Mrs. Munkhtuul, the National Representative of ACWC Mongolia, shared our Christian values and attitudes towards gender and gender equality. During this seminar we celebrated Enkhee’s receipt of an award from the President of Mongolia at the 20th anniversary of the formation of a democracy in that country.

  • Small group discussion

  • The seminar also celebrated Enkhee’s receipt of a medal from the President of Mongolia at the 20th anniversary of formation of a democracy in that country.
On the International Women’s Rights day in March 2010, the Women’s Council of the Mongolian Evangelical Alliance (MEA) organized “Gospel Outreach for 1000 non-Christian women” where 20 Christian churches and organizations joined. The Women’s council of MEA invited ACWC Mongolia to join this event. Four ACWC Mongolia board members actively worked with its preparation working group and successfully organized this gospel outreach.


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