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Dear Friends

Greetings from Nepal.

Prayer is our greatest weapon and makes all things possible …

Thanks be to God and to you all for your prayer support. We have come to this stage of Federal Democratic Republic, secular state. I hope that you are aware of the recent political situation of Nepal. Unified CPN (Communist Party of Nepal) Maoist, the largest party in the constitution assembly and at present as an opposition party, is on indefinite nation wide strike from May 2nd to pressurize the current government for immediate resignation of PM Madav Kumar Nepal to make a conducive environment for the all party coalition government under the leadership of Maoist to draft new constitution and take the peace process to its logical end.

But the parties who are in the government and PM himself are not ready with what the agitating party has put forth. Thousands of Maoist cadres and supporters have come to Katmandu from different part of the country for the strike. The general publics have become the victim and peoples’ life has been paralyzed due to this situation. The foods and vegetables price have risen and country’s economy is at worst.

The dialogue for negotiations is going on between three major parties for several days but has not reached to consensus yet to bring an end to this situation all parties should leave their pride and compromise as soon as possible for the betterment of people. Please do pray for us and share this request with your friends.

Thank you and God bless.

With best regards,

Draupadi Rokaya
General Secretary
YWCA Family


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