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In 2008, when the ACWC General Committee members met in Taiwan, we talked about the upcoming vacancy of the Executive Secretary (2011-2014). The ACWC President, Vice President/ Honour Treasurer and the Assembly Secretary were appointed to be the Search Committee members. The interview of the candidates was held on 01 Feb. 2010, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Later the ACWC Secretariat Office sent the decision of the Committee and the voting ballot to all General Committee members. The whole General Committee welcomes Revd. Lee, Moon Sook of Korea as our new Executive Secretary for the next four years (2011- 2014). Revd. Lee was the General Secretary, Korea Church Women United (ecumenical body of eight mainline Protestant denominations), 2001 –May 2009.

We know that the Korean Churches have always given generous support to ecumenical missions around the world. Since September 2002 Ms. Shu-Wen Chiang started her first term as the ACWC Ex. Sec., she has received the full support from the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), the ACWC National Body in Taiwan—the Women’s Committee of the PCT and her own local church—the Taipei East Gate Presbyterian Church. Therefore the ACWC humbly expects that the Korean Church could also support the New Ex. Sec. from Korea as the Taiwan churches have done for Shu-Wen.

By helpful arrangements of Revd. Lee, Moon Sook on 17-19 May, 2010 Ms. Shu-Wen Chiang traveled to Korea as a representative of the ACWC to seek the support of Korean Churches: 1) Korea Church Women United (KCWU), 2) Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK), 3) National Church Women's Association of PROK (NCWA-PROK) and 4) National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) for our new Secretary.

The outcome of the visitation was fruitful. Shu-Wen met:

  • Meeting with Rev. Kwon, O Sung, General Secretary of NCCK (right from left)

  • Revd. Choe , Soyoung (the General Secretary of the KCWU)

  • Revd. Bae, Tae-Jin (the General Secretary of PROK), and Revd. Yoo, Keun-Sook (the Gen. Sec. of the NCWA of PROK).

Basically the ACWC and the above four Korean Church Ecumenical Organizations have reached the following agreement: 1) the provision of rent free office space, utilities and partial use of facilities (e.g. copy machine, internet access) for ACWC during Revd. Lee, Moon Sook’s term, 2011-2014. and 2). ACWC will be responsible for the salary payments. The Koran Churches will also make a monthly financial contribution toward Revd. Lee, Moon Sooks living expense in Korea.

During the visit to Korea, Shu-Wen had the chance to attend the 2010 KCWU annual meeting and to send greetings on behalf of the ACWC on 19 May. During the greetings, Shu-Wen also presented our appreciations to Korean Churches that “It is ACWC’s great privilege to have such a high profiled minister like Revd. Lee, Moon Sook who will contribute to church women's ecumenical movement. The ACWC is expecting significant progress to be made in its all aspects while Rev. Lee exercises her leadership among Asian churches in cooperation with other world ecumenical bodies.”


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