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My dear ACWC Gen. Co. members:

Last week from News we knew that Pakistan was attacked by heavy rain and floods. Today, the ACWC Secretariat Office received Neelam’s updates. I share it with you and please pray for our sisters and brothers in Pakistan. Later the ACWC Officers will discuss how could we help Pakistan.


Dear Shu-Wen

After terrorism through which Pakistan's infrastructure is badly shaken besides the Country's bad image in the world. This is the second time it is facing a devastating natural disaster. Attached photos is just a glimps of some areas where Entire villages have been wiped off the face of the earth. Near Attock bridge where Indus and Kabul river join to enter into the narrow gorge the water had risen at least 40 feet .The residents are lying on the road sides some in tents and some otherwise , there is no water to drink as everything has a great layer of silt brought on by the flood waters. Private people were supplying food and water to the stricken people.

Re-building task that this country will have to bear probably The Government is least bothered politicians are after politics only.

Almost three provinces out of four are shaken badly & it is still going on. Unfortunately poor people living in villages have mud houses & they are now even deprived of those. People have no shelter no food to eat. Even in cities due to the reason that the food supplies, vegetables & Fruits/grains rice everything is coming from those areas the crops are all damaged so for common man providing food to family is becoming impossible .The rates of what is available is three times increased. The country is again in a state of disaster.

Almost 12 schools of the organization I am working with are under water. Children of all those schools are displaced .parents have migrated to other places. Altogether as per UNO 40,000 people lost everything.

In this time of need I request ACWC family to stand in faith with us. Kindly pray for those who are effected & for Peace in this part of the world.

Neelam Ernest
National Rep Pakistan


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